Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) news – October 2018

TEL News is your monthly update keeping you up to speed with all that is Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in healthcare. TEL News includes information from Health Education England’s (HEE) TEL Programme team, the e-Learning for Healthcare Programme, e-Learning and simulation Leads across the local offices and other updates we think you will find useful.

This month’s newsletter contains updates on:

  • Welcome to TEL news
  • TEL Programme update
    • HEE National Simulation-Based Education Framework
    • Google-Glasses project
    • Maudsley Simulation re-launch
    • Upcoming SBE conferences
  • Learning Solution Update
  • Meet the TEL team
  • HEE’s Midlands and East Library and Knowledge Services event
  • TEL Southwest seeking research volunteers
  • e-LfH update
  • HEE’s e-Learning for Healthcare’s Foundation e-Learning Programme:
    • Professional Capability 18
    • E-ELCA Update
    • Smoking in Pregnancy update
    • Updates made to Statutory and Mandatory e-learning programme
    • MindEd
    • New courses added to Shared Decision Making e-learning programme
    • Suicide Prevention e-learning launched
    • Update to Breast Imaging Sessions

TEL News October 2018