Simulation Suite

The Simulation suite is a multi purpose environment which can be set up as a ward, an operating theatre, a GP surgery, as well as patient’s homes to enable simulation of a variety of cases for all specialities.

The suite is adjacent to the control room, where the faculty are able to observe activity in the simulation room and control the manikins. From here the faculty are also able to provide over-the-phone assistance in which ever role is required of them. Other departments can be rung for information that the candidates may require to ensure that the learning experience, through simulation, is as realistic as possible.

The simulation suite is linked through to the Simpson Suite which becomes the observation room during larger simulation sessions. Candidates are able to watch and listen to all the activity in the simulation suite via 3 different camera angles, as well as being able to see the full patient monitor.

The suite has full recording equipment with the ability to record and re-play sessions for debriefing and for future training.

Briefing and debriefing is carried out either in the Simpson suite or the Roger Miles suite.

Hire of CMEC for whole day: £1280 (excludes dental facilities)

25% reduction on room hire for charities and medical education facilitators.