Reflection guidance for doctors

In October 2016, the Academy worked alongside the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child
Health, to produce guidance for doctors in training about entering information into an eportfolio.
In light of the recent discussions surrounding the legal case of Dr Bawa Garba
and the use of reflection, it has been agreed that the Academy will work with the General
Medical Council, the Academy Trainee Doctors Group, the BMA’s Junior Doctors Committee
and the Conference of Post-Graduate Medical Deans (COPMeD) to revise reflective practice
guidance. As the production of this will take some time, the objective of this paper is to set
out the 10 key principles of reflective practice, in advance, for doctors in training to use.

Read the document:
2018 Mar AoMRC_summary-guidance-entering-information-into-an-e-portfolio