FY1 Buddy Support Network

After the pilot of the FY1 Buddy Support Network in 2017, we’ve made some tweaks and improvements, and the FY1 Buddy Support Network is now live for 2018! This is a scheme to link FY1s with doctors (F2 and above) who are willing to provide some informal support and mentoring through a doctor’s first year, helping with issues like confidence and finding your feet.

If you’re a doctor more senior than F1 and would like to provide support to an F1, sign up here http://bit.ly/BUDDYSignUp

Or if you’re starting F1 and you’d like an informal buddy/mentor for your first year as a doctor, sign up here http://bit.ly/FY1SignUp

For more info, we’re on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fy1buddy/ and twitter: https://twitter.com/Fy1Buddy/ or you can email us: fy1buddynetwork@gmail.com