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Careers support

This is confidential and free 1:1 career guidance and support for London and South East trainee doctors or dentists.

Are you approaching a critical career decision and would like the opportunity to explore your ideas with a career expert?  We the HEE’s Careers Unit for London and South East may be able to help you. 

NHS Safeguarding App

There is a brilliant safeguarding resource (for both children and adults) in the form of a phone app.  It includes information on Consent and Best Interests, the MCA, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards as well as safeguarding and Prevent.

It is from NHS England and can be found at or downloading the app suitable for your device:   


Working the night shift: preparation, survival and recovery

Working at night is an essential part of providing a comprehensive
24-hour service to patients in the NHS. However, night work requires
doctors to remain awake and alert when physiologically programmed to
be asleep. Changes to working patterns as a result of implementing the
European Working Time Directive (EWTD) also mean that most junior doctors now work full 11- to 13-hour night shifts,